STATEMENT: Senator Hassan’s Opponents Support Policies That Would Make College More Expensive

Friday, August 26, 2022

The leading Republican Senate candidates all share one goal: making college more expensive for Granite Staters.

Don Bolduc is running on a platform of abolishing the Department of Education — which would put Pell Grants at risk. Chuck Morse has a clear record of increasing tuition for New Hampshire students — as chair of the Senate Finance Committee in 2011, he slashed higher education funding in half, leading to New Hampshire’s public universities increasing in-state tuition by 9 percent.
In stark contrast, Senator Hassan has worked to make education more affordable and accessible both as Governor and in the US Senate. She successfully secured the largest increase in Pell Grants in a decade. She has proposed legislation that would reduce the burdens of student debt and taken on predatory lending that targets students. And as Governor, she lowered tuition at community colleges and froze in-state tuition at state universities for the first time in 25 years.

Senator Hassan’s opponents have made it clear that they support policies that would make college more expensive for the people of New Hampshire. In response, Maggie for NH spokesperson Kevin Donohoe released the following statement:

“The contrast in this race couldn’t be more dramatic: Senator Hassan is fighting to lower the cost of higher education, while the Republican Senate candidates would make college much more expensive for Granite Staters. Chuck Morse and Don Bolduc both have records of backing policies that would put affordable higher education out of reach for Granite Staters.” 


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