STATEMENT: Senate President Chuck Morse Blocks a Gas Tax Holiday

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Today, Chuck Morse’s Republican caucus blocked critical relief for Granite Staters at the gas pump by killing a plan to suspend the state gas tax. This comes just two days after Senate President Morse doubled down on his opposition to suspending the gas tax to provide relief for Granite Staters in an interview with The Pulse of NH’s Jack Heath. Morse has spent months attacking Senator Hassan for pushing for a gas tax holiday — making the issue central to his Senate campaign.

Maggie for NH spokesperson Kevin Donohoe released the following statement:

“Senate President Chuck Morse is directly responsible for blocking a state gas tax holiday and denying New Hampshire families relief at the gas pump. Morse has spent months criticizing this proposed relief  — including as recently as Monday. Just as Mitch McConnell’s Senate Republicans blocked a gas tax holiday, Senate President Morse played a central role in opposing this critical effort to bring down prices in New Hampshire. Granite Staters will not forget that at a time of sky high gas prices, Senate President Morse prevented a common sense, bipartisan proposal to lower costs.” 


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