STATEMENT: New Hampshire Republican Senate Candidates Endorse Higher Gas Prices For Granite Staters

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

In a stunning move today, US Senate candidates Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith announced that they support higher gas prices for Granite Staters.

This morning, Senator Maggie Hassan introduced legislation to bring down high gas prices through a “gas tax holiday” that would suspend the federal gas tax for the rest of the year. In a partisan and desperate move, within hours both candidates came out against this much-needed relief for Granite Staters.

“Kevin Smith and Chuck Morse are rooting for higher gas prices for New Hampshire families. If they had their way, Granite Staters would be stuck paying more at the pump,” said Maggie For NH spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “Senator Hassan’s opponents today made clear that they are staunchly opposed to this common sense measure to lower costs for families — and are actively rooting against relief for New Hampshire families. Granite Staters need a leader like Maggie Hassan who is laser-focused on delivering for our state — not a bunch of Mitch McConnell followers who will simply obstruct any effort to help out Granite Staters.”


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