Statement from Senator Maggie Hassan on the Republican Senate Candidates’ Opposition to the Bipartisan Competition and Innovation Bill

Monday, August 1, 2022

Chuck Morse Joins Don Bolduc and Kevin Smith in Opposing Bipartisan Legislation to Invest in American Manufacturing and Outcompete Other Countries

Today, Chuck Morse announced that he wouldn’t support the bipartisan Competition and Innovation bill, joining his two other leading opponents, Don Bolduc and Kevin Smith, in opposing this bipartisan bill that had support from 17 Senate Republicans and 24 House Republicans. In response, Senator Maggie Hassan released the following statement on her leading opponents’ opposition to the Competition and Innovation legislation:

“Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, and Don Bolduc have now all come out against bipartisan legislation that will help our country outcompete countries like China and ensure that we make more essential technology in America,” said Senator Maggie Hassan. “I worked with Republicans to pass this legislation because I knew it would strengthen our national security and lower costs – and it’s ridiculous that my opponents oppose this vital legislation that earned the support of 17 Republican Senators.”

Today, Morse announced his opposition to the bipartisan Competition and Innovation bill, calling it “ridiculous.” Last week, Morse’s opponents, Don Bolduc and Kevin Smith, also said that they oppose the bipartisan legislation. On Wednesday, Bolduc tweeted he would vote “hell no” on the legislation, and during a radio interview, Smith called the bipartisan Competition and Innovation bill a “terrible idea.” The bipartisan legislation, which will help the United States outcompete China, boost American manufacturing, and lower costs for families, is now headed to the President’s desk for a signature.



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