STATEMENT: Don Bolduc Doubles Down on “Get Over It” Comment: “I Don’t Regret Saying It”

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Today in a radio interview, Don Bolduc doubled down on his comment telling women to “get over” a nationwide abortion ban, saying,“I don’t regret saying it” and dismissing abortion rights “as a way to distract from the really important issues that are affecting Granite Staters.” In response, Senator Maggie Hassan released the following statement:

“Don Bolduc this morning doubled down on telling Granite Staters to ‘get over’ the threat of a nationwide abortion ban and dismissed reproductive rights as a distraction. Protecting a woman’s fundamental freedom is not a distraction for Granite State women — it’s essential to ensuring that we can be full and equal citizens in our democracy.”

Listen to Bolduc’s comment here.


This is just the latest example of Don Bolduc’s extreme, anti-choice agenda. Don Bolduc has said that he would always vote for anti-choice legislation in the Senate. He said Granite Staters should “rejoice” when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. He has also said that New Hampshire’s abortion ban does not go far enough.

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