STATEMENT: Don Bolduc Comes Out **Against** Bipartisan Bill to Outcompete China, Lower Costs, and Strengthen American Manufacturing

Friday, July 29, 2022

Will The Other Republican Candidates Join Bolduc in Opposing this Much-Needed Bipartisan Legislation to Help Our Country Outcompete China?

While Senator Hassan is working with Republicans to pass vital legislation to help the United States stand up to China, strengthen American manufacturing, lower costs, and protect our national security, Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc is taking China’s side by tweeting that he would vote against this much-needed legislation – which has support from at least 18 Republican Senators and two-thirds of the U.S. Senate.

“Only an extremist like Don Bolduc would proudly say that he doesn’t support bipartisan legislation that will protect our national security, lower costs, and help the United States outcompete China,” said Maggie for NH spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “The rest of the Republican primary candidates must answer whether they agree with Don Bolduc and would vote against this bipartisan legislation that is critical to our economic and national security.” 

Read Don Bolduc’s tweet here.


WMUR: US Senate advances bill to boost semiconductor production

  • A bill has cleared the U.S. Senate that aims to boost domestic production of semiconductors and decrease the reliance of American tech industries on China and Taiwan.

  • The bipartisan legislation is being described by its supporters as a win-win for the economy and national security.

  • “It brings that manufacturing back home,” U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan said. “It also invests in what a lot of experts call the ‘innovation ecosystem’ necessary to sustain that kind of manufacturing and will be really important for bringing prices down as we increase the supply of semiconductors.”


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