Senator Hassan and Health Care Providers Discuss the Threat of a Nationwide Abortion Ban in Manchester

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Senator Maggie Hassan joined health care providers in Manchester this morning to talk about what is at stake for a woman’s fundamental freedom in this election and the impact a nationwide abortion ban would have on patients and providers.

Participants on the panel joining Senator Hassan included Dr. Mary Danca, a retired OBGYN in Concord, Dr. Valerie Valant, an OBGYN in Concord, Dr. Nancy Pariser, an OBGYN in Nashua, and Fedelma McKenna, a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Midwife.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is devastating for women, health care providers, and our democracy. Every day, I hear from Granite Staters who are deeply alarmed by this decision. This is also a challenging moment for our health care providers – the care they provide their patients will be seriously impacted by Republicans’ attempts to ban abortion nationwide,” said Senator Hassan. “The futures of girls and women across the Granite State are on the line – that’s why it’s so important we share these stories and elect leaders who are champions for health care.”

“I remember the pre-Roe era — abortions weren’t less common, they were just more dangerous. Patients I talk to across the Granite State value a woman’s right to make medical decisions based on science and individual circumstances in consultation with their doctors. Politicians have no role in these personal decisions, which are often life-saving procedures,” said Dr. Mary Danca. “This is about patients having the right to bodily autonomy and the right to determine their own futures.”

“The medical choices made during reproductive years are personal for patients and impact their entire futures — those decisions belong solely to patients, their doctors and their families. A national abortion ban strips women of their autonomy and will put lives in danger. As a health care provider, I am worried that a national abortion ban would result in women dying. Don Bolduc is undeniably a threat to reproductive freedom. We need champions for reproductive choice more than ever, and Senator Hassan is that person for New Hampshire,” said Dr. Valerie Valant.

“The prospect of a nationwide abortion ban has created serious fear for not just patients, but also providers. We’ve seen a chilling effect on patients seeking a whole range of reproductive care – from cancer screenings, STI checks and maternal care – as well as fewer students pursuing careers in obstetrics and gynecology where strict abortion bans are in place. The confusion and chaos caused by these threats hurt medical professionals’ ability to keep patients healthy and save lives,” said Dr. Nancy Pariser.

“As a midwife, I am dedicated to accompanying patients through incredibly personal and intense medical experiences and decisions. What my patients and all of us deserve is to be able to make those personal decisions about their sexual and reproductive health care with their care providers — when politicians block evidenced-based protocols, we as patients and providers all suffer,” said Feldema McKenna. “Don Bolduc’s extreme anti-choice agenda makes it clear he would support a nationwide abortion ban, and threatens our individual autonomy and liberty. He’s out of touch with Granite Staters, the overwhelming majority of whom know abortion is a health care right.”

Don Bolduc has said he would never vote against anti-choice legislation in the United States Senate and that New Hampshire’s abortion ban did not go far enough. Just last weekend, Bolduc told women to “get over” a potential national abortion ban and later said that he “didn’t regret” those callous comments. And when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Don Bolduc said that Granite Staters should “rejoice.”


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