“No Women in the Room” – Bolduc’s Extreme, Anti-Choice Agenda on Full Display at Mount Washington Valley Economic Council Debate

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

During the debate, Don Bolduc again made his extreme anti-choice agenda crystal clear. He bragged that the campaign event where he infamously said that “gentlemen” state lawmakers should decide a woman’s reproductive health rights had “no women in the room.”

WATCH: “All there were was men in the room. These gentlemen. There were no women in the room”

He also said confidently and incorrectly that the Dobbs decision did not reverse Roe v Wade.

WATCH: “And that’s what the Dobbs decision did. It didn’t reverse Roe v Wade.”

And he said the U.S. Supreme Court Justices who ruled to rip away protections for a woman’s fundamental freedom “did what they were supposed to do.”

WATCH: “I think they did what they were supposed to do.” 

Bolduc’s debate performance is just the latest confirmation that he is out of touch with New Hampshire women. Bolduc has told women in New Hamshire who are worried about a nationwide abortion ban to “get over it,” and he gave a “full-throated endorsement of abortion restrictions” when he said he would “not compromise on” his anti-abortion positions and would not “vote contrary to pro-life” positions during the Republican primary.

When Roe was overturned, Bolduc said we should “rejoice.” He has said that New Hampshire’s abortion ban does not go far enough, and said that in the Senate, “I am always going to default for a system that protects lives from beginning to the end.” And just last week, Bolduc said that he wanted to ban IVF treatments.


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