NH Leaders ‘Outraged’ by Bolduc Demanding They ‘Get Over’ A National Abortion Ban

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

New Hampshire leaders joined together today to call out Don Bolduc’s insulting comment that women should “get over” a national abortion ban. During a press call, leaders hit back on Bolduc’s “callous and insulting comments” and made clear that “this November, Granite Staters are going to ‘get over’ Don Bolduc and re-elect Senator Maggie Hassan.”

See quotes from the press call below:

“Don Bolduc’s comments show that he has no respect for New Hampshire women and how out of touch he is with the people of New Hampshire. An overwhelming majority of Granite Staters opposed the Supreme Court’s decision — but that doesn’t seem to matter to Don Bolduc,” said State Senate Minority Leader Donna Soucy. “Don Bolduc only cares about pushing his extreme agenda. Anyone who has such blatant disrespect for the opinions of the people of New Hampshire should not be our Senator.”

“I too am outraged that Don Bolduc’s response to Republicans pushing a nationwide abortion ban is for Granite Staters to ‘get over it,’” said Senator Cindy Rosenwald. “Women are just tired of Republicans like Don Bolduc pushing an extreme, anti-choice agenda and trying to take away our reproductive freedom, and then telling us to ‘get over it.’ In fact, this November, Granite Staters are going to ‘get over’ Don Bolduc and re-elect Senator Maggie Hassan.”

“‘Get over it,’ that the government now gets to decide our futures? ‘Get over’ that we are not considered trustworthy enough to make our own choices about our own bodies and about our own pregnancies?” said State Senator Becky Whitley. “Don Bolduc’s comments were dismissive, they were disrespectful and to put it really starkly, I think they are disqualifying. This is not something we can just ‘get over.’”

“Don Bolduc’s dismissal of the attacks on women’s reproductive rights is very much in line with his extreme, anti-choice record — a record that leaves no doubt that he would be a yes vote for a nationwide abortion ban if he were in the U.S. Senate,” said State Representative Laura Telerski.

“We are certainly not going to ‘get over’ Don Bolduc’s anti-choice record that makes it clear he would take us backward and he would vote yes on a national abortion ban if he were sent to the U.S. Senate,” said Former Speaker of the New Hampshire House Terie Norelli. “This isn’t really a far-off concept, it’s reality. Republicans at the federal level have already introduced a national abortion ban in the Senate and Democrats now only have the very slimmest majority. We cannot cede New Hampshire’s Senate seat to an anti-abortion extremist like Don Bolduc.”

Bolduc has a long anti-choice record. He has said he would  never compromise” in pushing for anti-choice legislation, said people should “rejoice” at the overturning of Roe v. Wade, claimed New Hampshire’s abortion ban did not go far enough, and supported legislation that would throw doctors in jail for providing medically necessary care.


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