NEW TV AD: Senator Hassan Promises “I Will Never Back Down” in the Fight Against a McConnell Nationwide Abortion Ban

Thursday, June 30, 2022

In a new TV ad launched today, Senator Maggie Hassan says “she will never back down” in the fight to protect a woman’s fundamental freedom — and will be relentless in blocking Senator Mitch McConnell’s push for a nationwide abortion ban. In the ad, Senator Hassan makes clear that “she will not be intimidated” by the anti-choice extremists who are pushing to ban abortion in all 50 states in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

The ad will run statewide in New Hampshire starting today.

“Senator Hassan will be relentless in fighting Mitch McConnell and anti-choice extremists’ push to ban abortion in every state,” said Maggie for NH Campaign Manager Aaron Jacobs. “While her opponents’ records make clear that they would be a yes vote for a McConnell nationwide abortion ban, Senator Hassan will never stop fighting to protect a woman’s fundamental freedom.”

Watch “Backwards”:

Since Friday, national politicians like Mike Pence and Kevin McCarthy have made clear that they will push for a nationwide ban on abortion. This comes after Mitch McConnell has spent decades pushing to ban abortion nationwide — repeatedly proposing constitutional amendments to ban abortion and saying last month that a national abortion ban was on the table if Republicans retake the Senate.

Senator Hassan’s opponents’ anti-choice records and positions make clear that they would be yes votes for McConnell’s push for a nationwide abortion ban. As the Boston Globe has reported, “the five top Republicans running in a primary for the right to face her this fall all reiterated during a debate Monday night that they were against abortion rights.” And leading New Hampshire political columnist Garry Rayno has written that “with Republican politicians already calling for a national ban on abortion the issue will be central” in New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate race.

Read the full transcript below:

Senator Hassan: The Supreme Court has taken away a woman’s most fundamental freedom: control over her own body. This decision catapults us backwards, and there are politicians like Mitch McConnell, who’ve made it clear that their objective is to ban abortion nationwide. We will not be intimidated. I will fight and never back down. I’m Maggie Hassan and I approve this message because protecting our personal freedoms isn’t just what’s right for New Hampshire, it’s what makes us New Hampshire.


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