NEW TV AD: Senator Hassan is Leading the Fight to Cut Wasteful Government Spending

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Maggie for NH today launched “Responsible” – a new TV ad highlighting Senator Maggie Hassan’s record of working across the aisle to cut wasteful government spending and save taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars. The new ad features Senator Hassan’s recognition as the most bipartisan Senator for 2021 by the nonpartisan Lugar Center, and as a “Fiscal Hero” by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget for her work to demand fiscal responsibility.

Senator Hassan has worked across the aisle to save taxpayers billions of dollars, and was one of only two Democratic Senators who refused to request earmarks in this year’s annual budget process.

“Senator Hassan is working across the aisle to eliminate wasteful spending  and Granite Staters know that they can trust her to protect their tax dollars,” said Maggie for NH Campaign Manager Aaron Jacobs.

Watch “Responsible” here. 

Senator Hassan is leading bipartisan efforts to protect taxpayer dollars and make the federal government more fiscally responsible. Senator Hassan led a successful push to stop government payments from going to the accounts of the deceased, and she previously spearheaded bipartisan efforts to close a Medicaid loophole that cost taxpayers billions of dollars. The Senator is also targeting wasteful government spending and introduced bipartisan legislation with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) to ensure that the federal government is using taxpayer dollars more efficiently, which could save the federal government more than $2 billion.

Along with eliminating wasteful spending, Senator Hassan has a record of cutting taxes for Granite Staters. Senator Hassan worked across the aisle to lower taxes for New Hampshire small businesses by extending the Employee Retention Tax Credit — and expanding it to support startups. She also successfully passed bipartisan legislation to cut taxes for small businesses and for new businesses that opened during the pandemic. And Senator Hassan successfully worked to repeal taxes on the spouses of fallen service members, including the “Widow’s Tax” and the “Kiddie Tax,” saving those military families tens of thousands of dollars per year.

After Massachusetts forced New Hampshire residents to pay out of state taxes, Senator Hassan took on the Biden administration and introduced legislation to help make this unconstitutional practice illegal. And she continues to fight to double the federal research and development tax credit to help businesses grow and create good-paying jobs for Granite Staters.

Read the transcript here: 

Narrator: Looking out for your money and demanding fiscal responsibility…Maggie Hassan has just been named a “Fiscal Hero” in the U.S. Senate. No wonder. Hassan is known for tight budgets and accountability. As governor, Hassan balanced state budgets while cutting taxes to create new jobs. Now, ranked “The Most Bipartisan Senator”…Hassan works with Republicans to cut wasteful spending and was one of only two Democrats who refused to propose earmarks.

Senator Hassan: I’m Maggie Hassan and I approve this message because fiscal responsibility is the New Hampshire way. 


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