NEW TV AD: New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers Lay Out Senator Hassan’s Record of Working to Keep Granite Staters Safe

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Today, Maggie for NH released a new television ad, “Safety,” featuring New Hampshire law enforcement officers speaking directly to camera about Senator Maggie Hassan’s long record of working to support the men and women of law enforcement and ensure that they have the resources and tools that they need to keep Granite Staters safe and our borders secure.

In the ad, Grafton County Sheriff Jeff Stiegler and Merrimack County Sheriff David Croft lay out Senator Hassan’s long record dating back to her time as governor of supporting law enforcement and investing in public safety.

Watch “Safety” 

“As law enforcement, we want what’s best for our neighbors. Maggie Hassan knows that and she does too,” Sheriff Stiegler says in the ad. “She voted with Republicans to add a hundred thousand new police officers and she’s for more secure borders and the resources to back it up.”

“Hassan’s done the opposite of defunding the police. In every budget as governor, Hassan increased funding for police, and it’s no different with Maggie in the Senate,” Sheriff Croft says in the ad. “Hassan voted for $8 billion in border security. She takes keeping New Hampshire safe seriously.” 

Senator Hassan has a long record of supporting law enforcement and working across party lines to help keep Granite Staters and Americans safe, secure, and free. As Governor, she increased funding for law enforcement in each of her budgets and strengthened penalties for fentanyl dealers, human traffickers, and domestic abusers. In the Senate, she voted for a Republican measure supporting hiring 100,000 more police officers, and worked with Republicans to secure $8 billion in additional border security funding. She also led efforts to pass bipartisan legislation to crack down on fentanyl trafficking from China and Mexico, secured more funds for New Hampshire law enforcement to help tackle the opioid crisis, and voted to hire 600 more agents at the Southern border.

While Senator Hassan has worked to make sure that law enforcement has the resources that they need, Don Bolduc has called for defunding the Department of Homeland Security — which includes Border Patrol and ICE — and said that he is open to abolishing the FBI.


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