NEW: More Dark Money Enters the Race for Don Bolduc

Monday, October 24, 2022

The Uihleins fund anti-choice extremism, the rally that preceded the January 6 insurrection, and — now — Don Bolduc’s extreme agenda

More dark money is coming into New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate race to prop up Don Bolduc’s campaign, this time in the form of hundreds of thousands of dollars in new TV ads funded by Republican mega-donor Richard Uihlein. Bolduc’s dark money backer, whose family has been called “the next Kochs,” today placed a half million dollar ad buy through their Restoration PAC to support Bolduc and hit Senator Maggie Hassan.

“Right-wing extremists are sounding the alarm and pouring dark money into New Hampshire at the final hour to prop up Don Bolduc’s campaign,” said Maggie for NH spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “While dark money is fueling Bolduc, Senator Hassan continues to build grassroots momentum by meeting Granite Staters where they are and talking about the issues that matter most heading into the final stretch.”

The Uihleins have given “more than any other Republican so far” to prop up extremist candidates in the 2022 cycle, like Don Bolduc. Uihlein is “the largest donor behind the biggest anti-abortion political action committee,” and Bolduc would be a vote for a nationwide abortion ban. Uihlein is also “one of the biggest funders of former President Donald Trump and was one of the biggest financial backers of the January 6 pro-Trump ‘March to Save America’ rally that preceded the deadly Capitol Hill insurrection.” As political winds continue shifting toward Republicans and polls show this race as statistically tied, it’s clear dark money groups think late support for Bolduc can make a difference.


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