New Digital Ad Goes After Bolduc For Saying That “As a Man,” He Thinks Reproductive Health Decisions “Belong” to GOP “Gentlemen” Politicians

Monday, October 17, 2022

Maggie for NH today released “As a Man” — a new digital ad that goes after Don Bolduc for saying that, “as a man,” he thinks women’s most personal health care choices should “belong” to Republican “gentlemen” politicians – not Granite State women.

Watch the digital ad here.

“‘Gentlemen’ legislators have no place determining women’s futures, or how and when they start their families,” said Maggie for NH spokesperson Sydney Petersen. “By saying that anti-choice legislators should make a woman’s most personal decisions, Don Bolduc is making even more clear that he would be a yes vote for a nationwide abortion ban.”

The digital ad comes after HuffPost reported on Bolduc’s comments attacking a woman’s reproductive freedom during a recent town hall in Auburn, saying that “as a man,” he believes reproductive decisions should “belong to these gentlemen right here…who are state legislators.” One of the legislators Bolduc pointed to in the audience was Jess Edwards, who this year voted to support a total ban on abortion in New Hampshire.

Bolduc has a long record of pushing anti-choice policies that make clear he would be a yes vote for a nationwide abortion ban. Just this week, Don Bolduc said that he wants to ban IVF treatments – a medical procedure used by countless women seeking to become pregnant. Bolduc said that he would always vote for anti-choice legislation, said New Hampshire’s abortion ban did not go far enough, told New Hampshire women to “get over” the potential of a national abortion ban, and even dug his heels in on his callous comments saying “I don’t regret saying it.”


Don Bolduc: “I think, as a man, that women get the best voice at the state level.” “It belongs to these gentlemen right here who are state legislators.”

Narrator: Don Bolduc thinks he knows what’s best for women when it comes to our most personal health care decisions. He even said that the future of reproductive rights belongs to men who have tried to ban abortion outright in New Hampshire.

Don Bolduc: “It belongs to these gentlemen right here.”

Narrator: Women in New Hampshire are the ones who should be making our own health care choices. Not Don Bolduc.


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