New Digital Ad Calls Out Don Bolduc for Telling Women to “Get Over” a National Abortion Ban

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Today, Maggie for NH launched “Won’t Get Over It” — a new digital ad calling out Don Bolduc for telling women alarmed by Senate Republicans’ push to ban abortion nationwide to “get over it.” 

Bolduc’s outrageous comments came in an interview with WMUR that aired yesterday. Bolduc’s campaign is already doubling down, with Bolduc’s top consultant Rick Wiley saying “he’s right.” Bolduc’s remarks sparked rebuke across New Hampshire, with U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen tweeting “Who wants to tell @GenDonBolduc that NH women don’t “get over” being made second-class citizens? Women will show up on 11/8 for candidates who will defend their fundamental rights to control their own bodies. In this race, there is only one person who’ll do that: @Maggie_Hassan.”

This is just the latest in Don Bolduc’s long anti-choice record. When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Don Bolduc said Granite Staters should “rejoice.” Bolduc has also said that New Hampshire’s abortion ban does not go far enough and that he would never vote against anti-choice legislation in the Senate.

Watch “Won’t Get Over It”

“Don Bolduc thinks New Hampshire women should just ‘get over’ an attack on our fundamental freedoms. We’re not going to get over it — but we are already over Don Bolduc,” said Maggie for NH spokesperson Sydney Petersen. “Whether it’s calling for people to ‘rejoice’ after Roe was overturned or telling Granite Staters to ‘get over’ a nationwide abortion ban, Don Bolduc could not be more out of touch with Granite Staters.”


Narrator: After Roe was overturned, Don Bolduc told us to “rejoice.” Now when faced with a nationwide abortion ban, he says…

Bolduc: Get Over It…Get Over It.

Narrator: …we are not getting over it.


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