MEMO: Maggie for NH Announces $13 Million in First Ad Reservations for Fall 2022

Friday, March 4, 2022

From: Aaron Jacobs, Campaign Manager, Maggie For NH 
To: Interested Parties
Date: March 4, 2022

MEMO: Maggie for NH Announces $13 Million in First Ad Reservations for Fall 2022


With her record of getting wins for New Hampshire and laser focus on lowering costs for families, Senator Maggie Hassan is in a commanding position in her re-election campaign. While our largely unknown and disliked opponents have aligned themselves with Mitch McConnell’s anti-choice, pro-corporate special interest agenda (a toxic brand in New Hampshire), our campaign has the resources and infrastructure to communicate with New Hampshire voters about Senator Hassan’s record of taking on corporate special interests — and getting wins for Granite Staters on issues ranging from helping end surprise medical billing to lowering prescription drug prices.

After repeatedly breaking New Hampshire fundraising records, our campaign today placed $13 million in initial reservations in TV and radio advertising for this fall. That buy, combined with our on-the-ground organizing efforts, will allow us to communicate directly with voters at their doors and on their screens about Senator Hassan’s work to take on corporate special interests and help lower costs for Granite Staters.

Senator Hassan Is An Independent Leader Taking on Corporate Special Interests to Deliver Wins for New Hampshire

Our campaign’s greatest strength is Senator Hassan — who has built a strong record in the Senate as an independent leader who takes on corporate special interests — and wins. Working with Republicans, Senator Hassan took on the entire health care industry and successfully passed legislation to help end the absurd practice of surprise medical billing. She has stood up to the Chinese Communist Party, passing into law vital legislation that targets the importation of illicit fentanyl from China and pushing to make sure American manufacturing can outcompete China — and the world. She was a key negotiator of the bipartisan infrastructure deal — delivering funding to repair New Hampshire’s roads and 215 Red-listed bridgesexpanding high-speed internet to every community, and securing more funding per capita for New Hampshire than states like Massachusetts, California and New York. And she’s been unafraid to be an independent voice for New Hampshire — voting against President Biden’s nominee for FDA commissioner and holding the agency accountable for their failure to address the opioid crisis that has devastated far too many New Hampshire families. Senator Hassan spoke out against the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and called for any decisions about troop levels to be based on the facts on the ground — not arbitrary deadlines. And she has stood up for New Hampshire’s veterans and military families, working across the aisle to increase veterans’ benefitsexpand access to care, and lower taxes for the families of fallen service members.

Senator Hassan Is Laser-Focused on Lowering Costs for Granite Staters

At a time when Granite Staters are concerned about rising inflation, Senator Hassan is leading the charge to lower costs for Granite Staters, move our supply chains back to the United States, and invest in American manufacturing. She is standing up to Big Pharma to lower prescription drug prices and pushing to require powerful pharmaceutical companies to negotiate with Medicare to lower costs and get more generics onto the market. She is going after Big Oil and working to lower energy costs for Granite State families — and is determined to end tax giveaways for Big Oil while eliminating the federal gas tax until 2023 to give drivers a break at the pump. And she successfully pushed the administration twice to release oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to help lower gas prices. She has also heard directly from New Hampshire manufacturers about the supply chain challenges they face — and is working on bipartisan legislation that will ensure that we make things in America again. And she continues to stand up for New Hampshire small businesses in the Senate — lowering their taxes during the pandemic and pushing to double the research and development tax credit for start-ups and other Granite State small businesses.

Senator Hassan’s Opponents Are Running as Rubber Stamps for Mitch McConnell’s Corporate Special Interest Agenda in Washington

While Senator Hassan has a record of getting results for New Hampshire and is fighting to help bring down costs for Granite Staters, her field of opponents remain unknown and disliked by New Hampshire voters. Republicans failed to recruit a top-tier candidate to run against Senator Hassan and now are stuck with a field of candidates who have never won statewide and have struggled even to win a GOP primary. Nearly two months into the race, Senator Hassan’s opponents have failed to distinguish themselves and struggled to articulate a clear campaign message or even answer basic questions about why they are running for office. Instead, all three have aligned themselves with Mitch McConnell and his corporate special interest agenda. Like McConnell, they oppose Senator Hassan’s gas tax holiday, made clear that they support defunding Planned Parenthood and imposing new restrictions on abortion, and would have voted against COVID relief that kept small businesses afloat, reopened schools and provided funding for first responders. Rick Scott’s announcement that Senate Republicans will raise taxes on Granite Staters is just the latest piece of evidence that the Republican nominee would just be a vote for McConnell — and against the best interests of Granite Staters in the Senate.

Maggie For NH Is Building a Campaign to Win

Our campaign has built the infrastructure — and raised the resources — to communicate directly with voters about the Senator’s record of fighting for Granite Staters. For five quarters in a row, Maggie For NH has broken fundraising records. That fundraising ability has allowed us to build a strong operation on the ground, with dozens of organizers already talking directly to Granite State voters. Our fundraising strength has also allowed us to place $13 million in media reservations, including in the expensive Boston market — at a time when other candidates are still struggling to build their campaigns.

While we expect a competitive race, the Republican field faces an uphill climb to victory. New Hampshire hosts the second latest primary in the nation — September 13 — giving the eventual Republican nominee little time — and few resources — to communicate after emerging from what is set to be an extreme and chaotic primary. No matter who the Republicans nominate, they will enter the general election tarnished as a reliable vote for McConnell and his corporate special interest agenda.


Senator Hassan has a long record of getting wins for the people of New Hampshire and is leading on the most urgent issue facing voters: lowering costs. Meanwhile, her opponents are unknown, disliked, and already burdened with toxic anti-choice, pro-corporate special interest records. None of them have built the infrastructure or have the resources to run a strong campaign that can reach Granite Staters where they are. While we expect a competitive race, Maggie For NH is building an unparalleled organization that is already talking directly to New Hampshire voters about Senator Hassan’s record of lowering costs, taking on Big Pharma and Big Oil, and delivering wins for New Hampshire. 


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