Maggie for NH Launches New TV Ad Highlighting Senator Hassan’s Record of Standing Up to Big Pharma to Lower Prescription Drug Costs for Granite Staters

Monday, June 6, 2022

Today, Maggie for NH announced Worth Winning,” a new TV ad highlighting Senator Hassan’s push to lower prescription drug costs for Granite Staters. Senator Hassan is standing up to Big Pharma to bring down costs for families, including by pushing to allow Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices and working across the aisle to punish Big Pharma for raising drug prices at a rate higher than inflation.

This ad will air statewide and is Maggie for NH’s second TV ad of 2022.


Watch “Worth Winning”

Senator Hassan is standing up to Big Pharma and pushing for commonsense solutions to help Granite Staters afford essential medications. The Senator is working to bring down drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices and pushing for critical legislation to place penalties on pharmaceutical companies for raising drug prices at a rate higher than inflation.

Since becoming a senator in 2017, Maggie Hassan has worked across the aisle to pass new laws, signed by presidents of both parties, to lower drug prices for Granite Staters. She helped pass legislation in 2019 to prevent Big Pharma from exploiting loopholes that deny patients access to affordable generic prescriptions. In 2021, she led successful bipartisan efforts to pass a law increasing access to cheaper generic versions of expensive drugs, which are used to treat conditions like cancer, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. And Senator Hassan successfully led the push to stop insurance companies from using “Gag Clauses” that kept pharmacists from informing patients about cheaper payment options for prescription drugs.

“Worth Winning” Transcript:

Narrator: When it’s about our drug prices, she never stops fighting. Maggie Hassan.

Senator Maggie Hassan: Lowering costs for families starts with getting prescription drug prices under control. It’s why I keep pressing to allow Medicare to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry — to force prices down. And that’s why I’m working with Republicans to punish drug companies for raising their prices faster than inflation. I’m Maggie Hassan and I approve this message because taking on Big Pharma is a fight worth winning.


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