Highlights from the Mount Washington Valley Economic Council Debate

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Today’s debate demonstrated the stark contrast in this race: Senator Hassan has a record of working across party lines to deliver for New Hampshire, while Don Bolduc is the most extreme nominee for Senate in modern New Hampshire history.

See below for the key highlights from today’s debate:

1.  Senator Hassan Slams Bolduc for Being a Yes Vote to Ban Abortion Nationwide

Senator Hassan corrected the record on Don Bolduc’s long history of saying that he wants to take away a woman’s fundamental freedom. Watch here.

HASSAN: “He has said on the record that he would never vote in Washington against anti-choice legislation. Mitch McConnell has been pursuing a national abortion ban for decades, and Don Bolduc’s record makes clear he would be a yes vote.”

HASSAN: “I do not agree with him that ‘gentlemen,’ as he put it, in the New Hampshire legislature should assume my rights or make decisions for me or any other woman in New Hampshire or the country.”

2. Senator Hassan Says “Politicians Like Don Bolduc Have No Place in the Examining Room”

Senator Hassan hit back at Don Bolduc for believing that politicians should have any say in a woman’s most personal decisions about her health care. Watch here. 

HASSAN: “Women can make these decisions on their own and politicians like Don Bolduc have no place in the examining room.”

3. Senator Hassan Takes Don Bolduc to Task For Wanting to End Social Security and Medicare

Senator Hassan pushed back on Don Bolduc’s desperate attempt during the debate to cover up his dangerous agenda of ending Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Watch here.

HASSAN: “The other thing Don Bolduc isn’t really saying, but you can check out for yourself on BolducFacts.com, is that he wants to eliminate Social Security and cut Medicare by trillions of dollars. That jacks people’s costs up – it doesn’t save them money.”

4. Senator Hassan Calls Don Bolduc Out for Supporting the Lie that the 2020 Election Was Stolen and Attacking New Hampshire Elections

Senator Hassan called out Don Bolduc’s long and well-documented record of denying the results of the 2020 election, and his attempts to undermine future elections. Watch here. 

HASSAN: “Let’s also be very clear here that Don Bolduc is an election denier. He spent over a year traveling this state, stoking the Big Lie. As recently as August, on the debate stage, said he stood by his letter with other election deniers saying that the 2020 election had been stolen and he wasn’t “switching horses, baby…

HASSAN: “He then tries to reverse himself, but even now says if 2024 doesn’t go the way he wants it to — his preferred candidate doesn’t win — he will work to overturn that election. And you just heard him sow doubt about our 2022 elections. New Hampshire has some of the best elections in the country. Republicans and Democrats alike agree on that.”

5. Senator Hassan Rips Into Don Bolduc for Standing with Big Pharma and Big Oil Instead of Lowering Costs for Granite Staters 

Senator Hassan held Don Bolduc to account for “singing Big Oil’s song” and “standing right by” Big Pharma’s side while opposing efforts that would bring down costs for Granite Staters. This debate showed once again how Senator Hassan is fighting to put money in Granite Staters’ pockets — while Don Bolduc would just vote to line the pockets of Big Oil and Big Pharma. Watch here.

HASSAN: “It is kind of rich to hear Don Bolduc talk about reducing the deficit. What you just heard was him singing Big Oil’s song, right? So he stands with Big Oil to give them billions of dollars of tax breaks which costs taxpayers, all of you, money.

HASSAN: “He stands with Big Pharma. He says he would support the tax breaks that were given to Big Pharma in 2017, again, costing us billions and billions of dollars. He says Big Oil needs more capacity when it’s refusing to tap already permitted oil wells in the United States. Why? They’re making record profits right now while exploiting Granite Staters, exploiting a war in Russia, exploiting a pandemic, and he’s standing right by their side.”


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