Four Things to Know About Don Bolduc’s Extreme Agenda Ahead of Today’s Debate

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Since emerging from a brutal and chaotic primary, Don Bolduc has attempted to cover up his extreme record on everything from supporting a nationwide abortion ban to ending Social Security and Medicare to denying the 2020 election results. While we don’t have a crystal ball, it doesn’t take a psychic to predict that Don Bolduc is going to try to mislead voters at today’s debate. So before he takes the debate stage today, here are three reminders to help set the record straight.

1. Don Bolduc’s Record Makes Clear He Would Vote for a Nationwide Abortion Ban

Don Bolduc infamously told Granite State women to “get over” the prospect of losing their reproductive freedoms. He said reproductive decisions “belong” to “gentlemen” legislators, and supported banning IVF treatments. After Roe was overturned, he said that Americans should “rejoice,” and promised he is “not going to vote contrary” to anti-choice legislation.

No matter what he says today, Don Bolduc’s record makes it clear that he would support a nationwide abortion ban and has no interest in protecting the rights of half the population he is campaigning to represent.

2. Don Bolduc Wants to End Social Security and Medicare as We Know It 

Don Bolduc’s extreme agenda includes decimating Social Security and ending Medicare as we know it, which would impact the financial and physical wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of Granite State seniors.

Bolduc has suggested cutting “$2 trillion from Social Security” and “$1.2 trillion from Medicare.” He promised to end Social Security, saying it was “for a different time, for a different place,” and is “bankrupting” the country. He doubled down on this dangerous rhetoric last month by saying that Social Security has “been there since 1935, it’s time for change.” On Medicare, he promised during a town hall in August to end Medicare as we know it, saying “the privatization is hugely important.”

Don Bolduc can try to hide from his dangerous past comments, but he has made clear that if elected, he would decimate these critical programs.

3. Don Bolduc is an Election Denier 

Don Bolduc has a long record of undermining free and fairly administered elections. He signed a letter asserting the 2020 election was stolen, repeatedly agreed with President Trump’s assessment that the election was stolen, and promised he wouldn’t “switch horses, baby” when it came to denying the 2020 election results. Just this month, he agreed with a radio host and said that it’s “absolutely true” that the 2020 election was stolen. That’s on top of him sowing doubt and laying the foundation to overturn the results of future elections if they don’t go his way.

4. Don Bolduc is a “Hell No” on Lowering Costs

Don Bolduc has said “hell no” to lowering costs for Granite Staters.

He is a “hell no” on allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs, which will lower drug costs across the board. He is a “hell no” on the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, which will strengthen American manufacturing and lower costs of critical goods. And he is a “hell no” on providing tax cuts to households that make energy efficient home upgrades. Don Bolduc also opposes Senator Hassan’s proposal to suspend the federal gas tax to bring down costs for drivers.

Instead of lowering costs, Don Bolduc would do the bidding of Big Oil and Big Pharma, allow China to outcompete the United States, and put his extreme, partisan agenda ahead of doing what is best for Granite Staters.


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