Don Bolduc’s Worst Moments During the NHPR Debate

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Don Bolduc spent his 60 minutes on the debate stage doubling down on election denial conspiracies and angrily lashing out when caught lying about his support for ending Social Security, decimating Medicare, restrictions on women’s reproductive freedom, and a 23 percent national sales tax.

Bolduc Doubles Down on Election Denial Conspiracy Theories

Don Bolduc doubled down on his election denial conspiracy theories, listing off one unhinged conspiracy theory after another, including that New Hampshire’s elections — which provide for same-day voter registration — lead to fraud, and that people from out-of-state were bussed into our state during the 2020 election. New Hampshire is known for its long history of holding impartially administered elections, and Don Bolduc’s record of attacks on our elections is an insult to our state.

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Bolduc Corrects Senator Hassan, Notes That He Has Actually Spent the Last Two Years Spreading the Big Lie

Don Bolduc helpfully corrected Senator Hassan after she said that he spent the last year spreading the Big Lie. Bolduc interrupted the Senator, and said that he in fact spent the last two years spreading the Big Lie. Thanks for the clarification, Don.

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Don Bolduc Caught Lying About Supporting a 23 Percent National Sales Tax

Don Bolduc has repeatedly voiced support for a 23 percent sales tax — which would increase costs on everything from rent to health care — regardless of a person’s income. When Don Bolduc tried to cover up his support for this extreme tax on Granite Staters, Senator Hassan held his feet to the fire, noting, “He just supported it on Facebook Live this week with Adam Sexton.” Read more about Don Bolduc’s support for a Fair tax here.

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Bolduc Says “I Have No Idea” When Asked About His Record on Women’s Reproductive Rights 

Don Bolduc can’t even keep up with his own line of attacks against a woman’s reproductive freedom. When pressed, he claimed to “have no idea” what he meant when he said that he would ban IVF treatment and “look into” other ways to restrict a woman’s bodily autonomy.

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Don Bolduc Can’t Handle Being Confronted With His Own Extreme Record 

As Senator Hassan encouraged Granite Staters to check Don Bolduc on his lies by visiting – which includes videos of Bolduc voicing support for a nationwide abortion ban, ending Social Security and Medicare, and overturning our elections- Don Bolduc got heated. He repeatedly interrupted Senator Hassan, with exasperated sighs, “come ons,” and incorrect claims that the videos were tampered with.

We invite Don Bolduc to check out the videos and audio for himself to see firsthand just how extreme he really is at

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