Don Bolduc Supports A National Sales Tax That Would Increase Taxes On The Middle Class By $3,200 A Year

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Don Bolduc is taking one of the most unpopular positions among voters — regardless of party — in New Hampshire: He wants every Granite Stater to pay a national sales tax, and said it’s something “we need.” Bolduc supports the so-called “Fair Tax,” which would increase taxes on the middle class by an average of $3,200 per year and replace federal income taxes with a 23 percent national sales tax on all purchases — even gas, health care, and rent.

Get the facts on Bolduc’s record of supporting a national sales tax:

Bolduc supports the so-called “Fair Tax”

In Salem, Don Bolduc said we “Need a Fair Tax.” [Bolduc Salem Town Hall, 10/14/22] (AUDIO)

Bolduc claimed that “we need to start those type of initiatives now” like the Fair Tax. [Bolduc, Right Side of the Mic with Doc Greene, 4/7/20] (VIDEO)

Bolduc said the Fair Tax is “Something that we need to do.” [Bolduc, Right Side of the Mic Show with Doc Greene, 3/31/20] (VIDEO)

The Fair Tax would “replace almost every federal tax, including payroll, personal and corporate income, and estate taxes, with a 23 percent national sales tax.” [The Washington Post, 8/24/11]

The Fair Tax would apply to rent and health care. [The Washington Post, 8/24/11]

The Institute on Taxation And Economic Policy: Under the Fair Tax, the bottom 80% of earners would pay an average of $3,200 more in taxes, and the top 1% would see an average tax cut of $225,000. [The Washington Post, 8/24/11]


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