What They Are Saying: NH Leaders Say Maggie Hassan Is “Delivering Real Solutions” and “Getting it Done” After Passage of Inflation Reduction Act

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act this weekend, New Hampshire leaders are applauding Senator Hassan’s work on the bill – which will lower prescription drug and energy costs, address climate change, and support innovative businesses. While Senator Hassan delivers for New Hampshire, her opponents are siding with Big Pharma and Big Oil by opposing this legislation.

State Senator Donna Soucy @DonnaSoucy: [Senator] @Maggie_Hassan has been relentless in fighting to lower prescription drug costs. Her work on the Inflation Reduction Act will make a difference for families across New Hampshire. #NHPolitics [8/7/22, 10:49 PM]

State Senator David Watters @SenDavidWatters: Senator Hassan has always fought for senior citizens. The prescription drug cost cutting is a huge win. @Maggie_Hassan #NHPolitics [8/7/22, 4:11 PM]

State Senator Becky Whitley @BeckyWhitleyNH: INCREDIBLE news. Inflation is impacting everyone’s life right now. Bringing down energy and prescription drug costs while paying down the deficit is a historic win. Thank you, @Maggie_Hassan for delivering real solutions for Granite Staters. #NHPolitics [6/7/22, 4:40 PM]

State Senator Rebecca Perkins Kwoka @TeamRebeccaNH: So proud of my Senator! @Maggie_Hassan is fighting to help this country transition to a clean energy economy. Her work on the Inflation Reduction Act helps fight against climate change & brings down energy costs. Thanks for fighting for our future and NH! #NHPolitics [8/7/22, 4:11 PM]

State Senator Cindy Rosenwald @CindyR4NH: The Inflation Reduction Act means Medicare can finally negotiate drug prices — something we have been fighting for for years. Thank you @Maggie_Hassan for helping get it done. #NHPolitics [8/7/22, 4:10 PM]

State Representative Matt Wilhelm @RepWilhelm: The Inflation Reduction Act is a big deal. Reduces the deficit Fights climate change Lowers energy prices Lowers prescription drug costs @Maggie_Hassan is getting things done for New Hampshire. #NHPolitics [8/7/22, 4:16 PM]

State Representative Debra Altschiller @DebrasATeam: The Senate just passed this: it moves us to lower prescription drug prices, reduced energy costs & energy independence, protects the planet, & pays down the deficit all at once. @Maggie_Hassan is lowering costs for Granite Staters. Once again, #DemsDeliver #NHPolitics [6/7/22, 4:31 PM]

State Representative Laura Telerski @LauraTelerski: The Inflation Reduction Act delivers climate action that my children and grandchildren will benefit from. @Maggie_Hassan and the Democrats are getting it done. Thank you! #NHPolitics [6/7/22, 4:30 PM]

State Representative Mary A. Hakken-Phillips @mhp4nhrep: That’s my Senator. Thank you @SenatorHassan for fighting for all Granite Staters. This historic vote is needed & appreciated. [8/7/22, 4:16 PM]

Representative Manny Espitia @mannyfornh: Thank you to Senator @Maggie_Hassan for delivering on the most impactful investment in clean energy in my life. #NHPolitics [8/7/22, 4:45 PM]

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