WATCH: On MSNBC, Senator Hassan Slams Don Bolduc for Misleading Granite Staters and Trying to Hide His Extreme Record

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Last night, Senator Maggie Hassan went on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight to set the record straight about Don Bolduc’s extreme record — and called him out for trying to mislead New Hampshire voters.


On Bolduc’s Extreme Record

Don Bolduc is incredibly extreme, whether it is election denial or whether it is his support for a national abortion ban. And he is trying to mislead Granite Staters and really hide his extreme record. Now, of course, the thing is that New Hampshire voters are some of the most informed in the country. And the fact that he thinks he can get away with this, that he’s trying to do it is not only really concerning. It’s very disrespectful to my constituents.”

On Bolduc Attending a High Dollar GOP Donor Retreat in Georgia 

Don Bolduc, is very, very extreme, as you have pointed out. But tonight, he is in Sea Island, Georgia, with a bunch of big money donors for Republicans hanging out with Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker. So the Republicans are rallying around him. They are projected to be spending tens of millions of dollars in the next seven weeks in this election. This is going to be a really, really close race. We are, as we say up here, wicked, independent in New Hampshire.”

On Bolduc Attempting to Mislead Voters About His Record on Election Denial 

“Granite Staters will see through this because his record is really clear. Just in August, twice on the debate stage, he said he believed the election was stolen. He’s been traveling around the state for over a year, stoking that Big Lie.” 

On Bolduc’s Anti-Choice Record 

People all over New Hampshire are horrified by the prospect of a nationwide abortion ban. Don Bolduc supports one. He said we should rejoice at the overturning of Roe v. Wade. I can assure you that the women of New Hampshire are not rejoicing. We are horrified. But I think it is really important, Alex, moving forward, that people understand that now that Roe has fallen, the Republicans are pursuing their ultimate goal, which is a nationwide abortion ban.

“One of the things that just kind of astonishes me is that we have people like Don Bolduc running for office saying they want to represent the state of New Hampshire in the United States Senate, when they would take away the rights of half of our population, pulling us back to being second class citizens.”


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