WATCH: On Morning Joe, Senator Hassan Discusses Her Efforts to Lower Costs & Why Don Bolduc’s Extreme Agenda is Wrong for NH

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Senator Hassan joined Morning Joe this morning, where she highlighted her record of delivering for Granite Staters by lowering prescription drug prices, expanding access to high-speed internet, tackling high energy costs, and supporting our veterans. She contrasted her commitment to delivering for the Granite State with Don Bolduc’s extreme agenda, including his support for eliminating Social Security, overturning election results, and opposing common sense measures to lower costs. Senator Hassan highlighted what’s at stake this election as our democracy and fundamental rights are on the ballot with Don Bolduc, the most extreme candidate for Senate in modern history in New Hampshire, running as her opponent.


On the Contrast in the Race

“What I’m focused on right now is making sure that Granite Staters know about my record of doing everything from lowering prescription drug prices to getting high speed internet in every corner of our state, boosting manufacturing, fixing our roads and bridges, making sure that our veterans get the support and care that they have earned and deserve. And contrasting that with the extremism of my opponent Don Bolduc, [who] supports eliminating Social Security, would be a yes vote for a nationwide abortion ban, [and] has even suggested banning in vitro fertilization and is an election denier. And he’s working really hard to conceal those extreme positions from Granite Staters.”

On Her Work to Lower Costs

“Inflation is hurting way too many Granite State families and small businesses. And that’s why I’m focused on lowering costs that we can right now. An important piece of the Medicare negotiation package that we put together finally allowing Medicare to negotiate those prescription drug prices. We have more to do to lower energy costs. It’s obviously getting close to winter here in New Hampshire and people are really worried about heating their homes. That’s why I have led a bipartisan push to get the administration to release more home heating fuel from the Home Heating Reserve and why I led a successful bipartisan push to get a billion in additional heating assistance this winter. I also support suspending the gas tax until we see a significant reduction in gas prices.”

On Bolduc’s Extreme Record

“Look, when you have somebody with extreme views like Don Bolduc that are way out of step with where Granite Staters are: eliminating Social Security, enacting a national abortion ban, among other things, being against Medicare negotiation for prescription drug prices. The fact that he’s also an election denier means that he doesn’t believe he has to accept election results. That means he doesn’t have to listen to the people of New Hampshire about what’s important to them and address those things because he thinks he can just reject your votes. So this is somebody who is running for office who does not believe he is accountable to voters, which means he believes he can impose an extreme agenda on the people of the state. And he’s working really hard to mislead people on it.”


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