WATCH: As Race Tightens, Senator Hassan Joins MSNBC to Speak Out Against Outside Groups Spending Millions to Conceal Bolduc’s Extreme Record

Thursday, October 13, 2022

“McConnell and the national Republicans are trying to buy this seat and put an election denier into the United States Senate. We can’t let that happen.”

Last night, Senator Maggie Hassan joined MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, where she discussed how Mitch McConnell and his corporate special interests backers are spending millions of dollars to conceal Don Bolduc’s extreme record, which includes supporting a nationwide abortion ban, ending Social Security and Medicare, and overturning free and fair elections. The Senator also highlighted her bipartisan record of delivering for Granite Staters and the stakes of this race.


On Republicans’ Outside Spending 

“He is trying to mislead Granite Staters about his election denial, but he keeps reinforcing it even as Mitch McConnell and his super PACs are coming into the state with just tens of millions of dollars, $23 million in spending in the last eight weeks in negative ads against me, to try to conceal his record from the voters of New Hampshire. […] What we need to do is hold him accountable. His record is really, really clear. The concern I have in this race. Polls are tightening. We’re within margin of error territory now here. I won my last race in 2016 by 1017 votes. New Hampshire is a very purple state. McConnell and the national Republicans are trying to buy this seat and put an election denier into the United States Senate. We can’t let that happen.”

On Bolduc’s Extreme Record

“Look, Don Bolduc is an election denier. Not only did he spend over a year stoking the big lie at stop after stop around our state, he also says that if 2024 doesn’t go for his preferred candidate, he’ll work to overturn that election. And just this week, cast doubt on the 2022 election, suggesting if he loses, he may not accept the results. […] Don Bolduc does not believe that women should have the fundamental right to make their own health care decisions. His record here is really long. When the Dobbs decision was decided, he said women should rejoice at that. Then, as he tried to hide that position, along with his position, he said he would never vote against any anti-choice legislation at the national level. Now he’s trying to hide that position with comments like the ones you just talked about.”

On Her Record of Delivering Bipartisan Wins for NH

“I have a bipartisan record of working on things to lower costs, such as banning surprise medical bills. I was one of the lead negotiators in the bipartisan infrastructure bill that will finally get high speed Internet to every corner of our state. I was one of the authors of the CHIPS and Science Act, lowering costs, bringing manufacturing back to the United States, making sure we have a vibrant economy that can outcompete China and the rest of the world. And I’ve been recognized for my bipartisan work, which is just so consistent with the whole kind of way Granite Staters do things, ranked by the Lugar Center as the most bipartisan senator in the country.”


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