Senator Hassan Discusses Veterans for Maggie Launch with WNTK’s Peter St. James

Monday, August 29, 2022

In case you missed it, today Senator Maggie Hassan joined Peter St. James on WNTK to preview today’s Veterans for Maggie launch and discuss her recent work to deliver for Granite Staters.


Veterans for Maggie Launch

Senator Hassan: I’m about to go to the Sweeney Post and announce my Veterans Leadership Council…As you and I have talked a lot about, as the daughter of a veteran, but also just as a Granite Stater and as an American and as a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, one of the biggest honors of my job is to do this bipartisan work to honor veterans. So everything from teaming up with Joni Ernst of Iowa to get a Global War on Terrorism Memorial sited on the National Mall to working with veterans like Bob Jones here in New Hampshire to make sure the POW/MIA flag went back atop the White House, to the Bipartisan PACT Act, which…the President just signed, which really changes and transforms the way the VA helps and gives health care to veterans who were exposed to toxic substances both in Vietnam and the Gulf War and in the Global War on Terrorism.

Peter St. James: And I saw some of the members of the Veterans for Maggie Leadership Council and wow. Major General Ken Clarke, National Guard former Adjutant General; Barry Conway, Airman First Class, Former Commandant of the State Veterans Home; Lieutenant Ned Helms; Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Bob Jones of the POW/MIA…Representative Steve Shurtleff, of course, from the New Hampshire House. A very varied list of people, Lieutenant Colonel Val Scarborough of the United States Marine Corps…You should be proud of those people.

Senator Hassan: I am proud, I am very grateful for their support. But I think what it really speaks to, that varied group of people, is that’s who our men and women in service and our veterans are. They are people from a broad spectrum that have different views on a lot of different things. But when it comes to loving our country and fighting for freedom, they are right there. And that’s always what has been the hallmark of the United States military.

Bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act

Senator Hassan: [This bill is] going to bring American manufacturing back home, lower inflation because it increases the supply of semiconductors, but also make us self-reliant, competitive against countries like China. And I know your listeners in particular will care about the fact that this is critical for our national defense, because we never want the American military to have to go ask other countries for critical component parts for our weaponry and other…military supplies.

Berlin Downtown Grant

Senator Hassan: I was up in Berlin on Friday, celebrating a major new grant they got that’s just going to help their downtown economy enormously – that was really exciting…[Berlin has] seen an uptick with the outdoor recreation economy and people who want to move there year round, too. And then when you think about the…bipartisan infrastructure deal and the increase in high speed internet availability all around the state, that’s another critical component part for certain towns like Berlin.


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