New Hampshire Business Review: Opinion: For small businesses, the choice this election is clear: Maggie Hassan

Friday, November 4, 2022

New Hampshire small business owner and founder of Primary Bank of New Hampshire, Bill Greiner, endorsed Senator Maggie Hassan for re-election today, calling her a “clear champion” for small businesses who “has proven her credentials as a bipartisan problem-solver,” in the New Hampshire Business Review.

In his op-ed, Greiner says he does not “consider [himself] a political partisan, or even a Democrat,” but that small businesses have been served well by Senator Hassan’s bipartisan work to cut taxes, lower costs, double the research and development tax credit, and pass laws that boost New Hampshire’s economy.

In case you missed it, read Greiner’s op-ed here:

New Hampshire Business Review: (Opinion) For small businesses, the choice this election is clear: Maggie Hassan

As a New Hampshire small business owner, my main focus is on keeping the doors open, standing up for workers, and serving our community — not on politics — but this year’s midterm election on November 8 will be consequential for businesses across the Granite State. Especially when it comes to electing a U.S. Senator, New Hampshire needs an advocate at the federal level who is working to lower costs, cut taxes, support small businesses and stand up against proposals that hurt our economy. On the ballot, there is one clear champion who we must send back to the Senate: Maggie Hassan.

I do not consider myself a political partisan, or even a Democrat — I am a partner in several restaurants as well as the founder of a NH Community Bank, and a Granite Stater who wants to see our state succeed. Senator Hassan shares that vision and has worked tirelessly with Republicans and Democrats alike to ensure Granite State businesses have the tools they need to thrive. She has proven her credentials as a bipartisan problem solver, and her tireless work has led to tax cuts for families and small businesses, improvements to our infrastructure, investments to innovate in our economy, and support for restaurants and workers as we faced some of the toughest times imaginable. Senator Hassan has always been on the side of Granite Staters.

She cut taxes for small businesses and doubled research and development tax credits in our state as Governor, and then successfully did so again as a U.S. Senator. Senator Hassan was also instrumental in negotiating and passing into law bills like the bipartisan infrastructure law and the CHIPS and Science Act. These measures will lower costs, improve our infrastructure, provide high-speed internet to every corner of our state, promote American-made products, boost innovation, and make us even more competitive on the global stage against adversaries like China. She even led in passing a law to reduce prescription drug prices and energy costs. Her work in the Senate is shoring up supply chains, lowering costs for small businesses, and bringing people together across the aisle to solve problems for all Granite Staters.

Senator Hassan is, first and foremost, one of the strongest advocates and hardest workers for Granite Staters both at home and in the Senate. She has made herself available to our small business community, she listens to our concerns, and she takes action. As a member of the Senate Joint Economic Committee; the Senate Finance Committee; and the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, she brings our concerns and ideas straight to the heart of policymaking on Capitol Hill, and she clearly makes an impact.

When I was growing up, there was a common sentiment that it was the Republican Party who was laser-focused on strengthening business and defending our economy — that’s why it’s been so shocking to see the stances that Senator Hassan’s opponent has taken against New Hampshire businesses. He opposed key investments in expanding internet access, improving our roads, and safeguarding water quality that are laid out in the bipartisan infrastructure law. And he said “hell no,” to the CHIPS and Science Act that promotes making more things in America and standing up against China, even though many other Republicans voted in favor of this bill. Opposing these measures runs counter to the support Granite State businesses need, and I know we’d be worse off without the laws that Senator Hassan helped pass.

Election Day is right around the corner, and we all have a stake in the outcome. We have the choice to send a bipartisan leader and experienced problem solver back to the Senate to fight for us — and we should take it. For our economy, for our businesses, and for Granite Staters, it’s time to re-elect Senator Maggie Hassan.

Bill Greiner is the founder and board chair for Primary Bank of New Hampshire.


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