MUST-WATCH WMUR REPORT: Senator Hassan “Ready to Defend Her Seat”& Calls Out Opponents For Being “Yes Votes for Mitch McConnell”

Saturday, June 11, 2022

As She Files for Re-Election, Outlets Report that Senator Hassan is Fighting for New Hampshire 

Senator Maggie Hassan is “ready to defend her seat” according to a new must-watch report from WMUR. While filing for re-election today at a packed State House in Concord, Senator Hassan talked about the need to “stand up to Big Oil” and her push to pass a federal gas tax holiday to bring down prices at the pump and “put some more money back in people’s pockets.”

She also took aim at her opponents for being “yes votes for Mitch McConnell and the special interest anti-choice agenda.” Senator Hassan followed her rally with supporters in Concord by heading to Peterborough and Keene where she highlighted her fight to bring down costs and take on corporate special interests.

Read and watch coverage of Senator Hassan’s filing for re-election below:

WATCH WMUR’s Full Story Here and See Transcript Below:

Monica Hernandez: Commitment 2022. Tonight the filing period for the November election is officially over. The last major candidate to submit their paperwork in filing fee, Senator Maggie Hassan as WMUR political director Adam Sexton reports, Hassan says she’s ready to defend her seat.

Adam Sexton: Supporters of Senator Maggie Hassan closed out the candidate filing period in raucous fashion, giving everyone a preview of the intensity of the hard fought election contest to come.

Senator Hassan: The contrast in this race is really, really clear because all of my opponents would be yes votes for Mitch McConnell and the special interest anti-choice agenda that he represents.

Adam Sexton: Record price inflation and gas prices have the potential to dominate this campaign season. Hassan is trying to show voters she’s doing something about it by strongly advocating for a gas tax holiday.

Senator Hassan: That helps put some more money back in people’s pockets, I’m pushing the administration to support that. They haven’t yet, and that’s frustrating. But we also need to stand up to Big Oil. That’s why we have been asking the FTC to investigate whether there is market manipulation or price gouging going on.

Adam Sexton: In addition to supporters, Senator Hassan also drew out progressive protesters today who are angry with her support for a Trump administration rule still in effect that makes it easier to deport undocumented immigrants.

Senator Hassan: We have a disagreement here. I do not think the administration should lift Title 42 until there are resources at the border that ensure safety and security.

Fox News: Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan says that it’s “frustrating” that President Biden has yet to support her push to temporarily repeal the federal gas tax, to help consumers cope with skyrocketing prices at the pump.

[…] The Hassan/Kelly bill, which they titled the Gas Prices Relief Act, would scrap the 18.4-cents-per-gallon federal tax through the rest of 2022 and calls for the Treasury Department to make sure the savings are passed on to consumers rather than the oil and gas companies.

[…] On Friday, Hassan reiterated that “we also need to stand up to big oil. That’s why we have been asking the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to investigate whether there is market manipulation or price gouging going on.

And the former two-term governor argued that “because when you look at this, big oil’s got record profits, but they keep increasing the price of gasoline anyway while they have extra capacity that they could tap but they choose not to.

Concord Monitor: “What I’ve been pushing for is, among other things, is suspending the gas tax. That helps put some more money back in people’s pockets,” Hassan said.

[…] Last month Hassan went up with a TV commercial in her home state spotlighting that the senator is “taking on members of my own party to push a gas tax holiday, and I am pushing Joe Biden to release more of our oil reserves. That’s how we lower costs and get through these times.


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