LISTEN: Senator Hassan on WKBK’s Dan Mitchell Discusses Don Bolduc’s Dangerous Agenda to End Social Security and Medicare as We Know It

Monday, September 26, 2022

Senator Hassan discussed Don Bolduc’s support for scrapping Social Security and ending Medicare as we know it during an interview on WKBK’s Good Morning with Dan Mitchell. During the show, the Senator also called out Don Bolduc’s anti-choice record, highlighted what she is working on to help lower costs for Granite Staters, and pointed to her work to secure the southern border. Listen here.

On Don Bolduc’s Support for Ending Social Security and Medicare:

“Don Bolduc has made clear that if he had his way, he would end Social Security and he would end Medicare as we know it. Last month, he was reported saying that he wants to get the government out of Medicare and has said that privatizing Medicare is hugely important. For years, he has said that he wants to – this is a quote – ‘no longer have Social Security,’ close quote. Just last week, when he was asked about his stance on Social Security and again, this is on video, he said, quote, ‘it has been there since 1935. It’s time for a change.’ I’m really proud of my record of fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare. These are programs that people pay into their entire working lives. When it comes time, they deserve to have that benefit there so that they can retire or transition to part time work with the understanding that they’ll have some steady income and some health care coverage. It’s a real contrast between me and my opponent.”

On Don Bolduc’s Extreme, Anti-Choice Agenda:

“Don Bolduc is extreme on this issue, as he is on so many other issues. Let’s be really, really clear here. When Roe v. Wade was overturned in June, Don Bolduc said that women should, and this is his word, ‘rejoice’ at the decision. I can assure him and your listeners that the women of New Hampshire are not rejoicing about this. He’s also said that he would vote for any anti-choice legislation that comes before the U.S. Senate. He would be a yes vote for a national abortion ban, something that has been reinforced by the people who come into the state since he got the nomination to campaign for him. Mike Pence, who has told people nationwide that they should double down on pursuing a nationwide abortion ban, was here the day after Don Bolduc became the nominee. Then just when pressed on that last weekend, he said that women should just get over this. He is unbelievably extreme. This is about a woman’s fundamental right, not only to bodily autonomy, but to take care of her health and plan her future and be a full and equal citizen in our democracy. It is a major difference, and it is a reflection of how out of step with New Hampshire voters Don Bolduc is and how extreme he is.”

On Senator Hassan’s Work to Lower Costs:

“Inflation continues to be a real concern for small businesses and families…In the short term, we need to just help people lower costs. That’s why I’ve been pushing for a suspension of the gas tax. That’s why I continue to push the administration to take steps that they can take to lower the cost of home heating oil this winter. It’s also why we took this step to allow Medicare to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs so that we can lower the overall cost of prescription drugs for seniors in particular. But also, this will have the ripple effect of lowering prescription prices across the board.…I’ll note that my opponent said he would have voted against the Medicare negotiation measure. So standing with Big Pharma there, but also against the measure that would give people tax cuts to make energy efficiency improvements in their home, standing with Big Oil there.”

On Senator Hassan’s Securing Supply Chains: 

“We know both the pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine have disrupted the supply chain. That’s why we passed the CHIPS and Science Act, which is bringing manufacturing and supply chains back to the United States – increasing the supply of semiconductors, the shortage of which is a major driver of inflation…And lastly, it’s a really important measure for our national security.”

On Securing Our Borders:

“We do need to make sure that our southern border is secure. That’s why when I traveled to the Southern border, I met with Customs and Border Patrol agents, the frontline folks. They need more people. They need more technology. In some places, they need barriers. I have repeatedly voted to increase their resources at the border, and I’ve stood up against the administration because I think their plans to lift Title 42 at the border were premature. We have to have the security measures in place to make sure we have a safe and secure border so that we can also have a humane border that is consistent with our values.”


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