In “Very Much Pro-Choice” New Hampshire, Republican Senate Candidates Would Back “A Nationwide Abortion Ban at the Hands of Mitch McConnell”

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

In the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe, Senator Hassan is leading the fight against Mitch McConnell’s push to outlaw abortion across the country — while her opponents have continued to reiterate that they are “against abortion rights.” In a “very much pro-choice” state like New Hampshire, Senator Hassan is laying out the threat of Republican efforts to ban abortion and the stakes for reproductive freedom in New Hampshire’s US Senate race.

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Senator Hassan Visits New Hampshire’s Oldest Abortion Clinic, Hears From Granite Staters Who “Fear” a Nationwide Abortion Ban

On Tuesday, Senator Hassan visited the Equality Health Center — New Hampshire’s oldest abortion clinic — where she met with providers who are deeply concerned about the Supreme Court’s decision and national Republicans’ push to outlaw abortion in all fifty states.

    • WMUR: “Bewilderment, outrage, and fear. Recurrent themes at a roundtable discussion inside Equality Health Center Tuesday. Senator Maggie Hassan, who’s running for reelection, had several stops around the state today to discuss the seismic ruling and the “what happens now” prospect that many healthcare workers are grappling with.”

    Maggie for NH Is First Senate Battleground Campaign to Go On TV In Wake of Supreme Court Overturn of Roe

    On Thursday, Maggie for NH launched a new TV ad in which Senator Hassan addressed the Supreme Court’s ruling head on — “one of the first from a battleground incumbent” — and promised “I will fight and I will never back down” against McConnell’s push to ban abortion nationwide.

  • Politico: Vulnerable Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan is hitting the airwaves with a direct appeal to New Hampshire voters after the end of Roe v. Wade: Return her to office or risk a nationwide abortion ban at the hands of Mitch McConnell. […] In a debate between five of Hassan’s Republican rivals hosted by the conservative NH Journal earlier this week, all but one sidestepped a question on whether they would support a federal abortion ban.

  • NBC: Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., is up with a new spot where she addresses the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling head on, promising “I will fight and never back down.” The new ad features nothing but Hassan talking directly to the camera and it’s one of the first from a battleground incumbent focused solely on the issue since the Court’s ruling overturned a federal right to abortion and kicked the issue to the states.

Senator Hassan Lays Out Her Opponents’ Dangerous Agenda to Outlaw Abortion

In an op-ed in The Concord Monitor, Senator Hassan reflected on what the Dobbs decision means for our democracy, writing that “Granite Staters across the political spectrum” want her to do everything in my power to stand against a nationwide abortion ban.

The New Hampshire GOP Senate Candidates Are All “Against Abortion Rights” and Would Vote for a McConnell Nationwide Abortion Ban

Multiple media outlets — from The Boston Globe to WCAX — have reported on Senator Hassan’s opponents’ anti-choice records over the past week. The Globe reported on Tuesday that “the five top Republicans running in a primary for the right to face her this fall all reiterated during a debate Monday night that they were against abortion rights” while WCAX noted that the Republican field “Stand Against Roe.”

  • The Boston Globe: The incumbent, New Hampshire US Senator Democrat Maggie Hassan, favors abortion rights and has made it one of her core political principles in her 20 years in politics. The five top Republicans running in a primary for the right to face her this fall all reiterated during a debate Monday night that they were against abortion rights. […] Polling over decades suggests New Hampshire residents strongly back abortion rights, at least until the third trimester.

  • WCAX: Donald Bolduc, Bruce Fenton, Vikram Manshramanni, Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith were asked about this at a recent forum, while all three praised the Supreme Court’s decision […] Senator Maggie Hassan, the Democrat they want to unseat, argues that several of them have previously made it clear that they would back such legislation.

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