In 2nd Interview Ahead of Re-Election Filing, Senator Hassan Slams Her Opponents for Parroting Big Oil’s Corporate Special Interest Agenda; Highlights Her Work to Cut Prices at the Pump

Friday, June 10, 2022

In her second local news interview this morning, Senator Maggie Hassan joined Jack Heath on the Pulse of NH shortly before going to the State House in Concord to file for re-election to discuss how she is working to lower costs for Granite Staters. In the interview, Senator Hassan called out her opponents for not standing up to Big Oil to bring down gas prices, saying that the race is “about whether we are going to have people who stand up for their constituents or not.”

Following the interview, Senator Hassan hit the road traveling to Keene, Peterborough, and Laconia to share her work to lower costs for Granite Staters and fight inflation.

Listen to the Full Interview Here, and Read Highlights of Senator Hassan’s Interview this Morning Below:

On Her Fight to Bring Down Gas Prices — and How Her Opponents are “Parroting Big Oil’s Agenda”:
“I proposed suspending the gas tax for the rest of the year, putting a little bit more money back in people’s pockets. My opponents oppose that. They are parroting Big Oil’s agenda as opposed to [being] focused on how we can get gas prices down and hold Big Oil accountable because they’re keeping profits way up while also increasing our prices.”

On How Her Opponents Refuse to Stand Up to Big Oil:
“There are a number of things we can do to hold Big Oil accountable. One of the things it’s a real clear contrast in in my race is that I’ve got opponents who won’t pursue those actions. They oppose suspending the gas tax. They won’t stand up to Big Oil. This is really about whether we’re going to have people who stand up for their constituents in Congress or not. And one of the things I’ll continue to do is, push Big Oil, Big Pharma, and then also find ways to work together across the aisle to get things done”

On How the Republican Senate Candidates Will Be Yes Votes for Mitch McConnell: 
“I’ll also be talking about the clear contrast between me and my opponents, because no matter who wins the Republican nomination, he’s going to be a yes vote for Mitch McConnell, who really pursues a corporate special interest agenda and an anti-choice agenda.”

On Leading Efforts to Lower Prescription Drug Prices:
“What I would do is allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, which would lower costs for consumers and save the federal government a lot of money. And my opponents don’t support that. And Mitch McConnell has consistently blocked that in the United States Senate.”

On Being Ranked the Most Bipartisan Senator in the Country:
“At the end of the day, you know, I’m proud of being a bipartisan senator. I’ve just been named the most bipartisan senator in the country and getting results for people because you listen to everybody’s perspectives and you come together and you find a way forward.”


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