ICYMI: Senator Hassan Talks with Lawrence O’Donnell About What’s at Stake in New Hampshire & How Democracy is on the Ballot

Friday, November 4, 2022

Last night, Senator Hassan went on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss her closing pitch to voters ahead of Election Day, including her record of working across party lines and lowering costs for Granite Staters.

In the interview, Senator Hassan discussed the high stakes of this race given that her opponent, Don Bolduc, has a long record of election denial and is the most extreme Senate nominee in modern New Hampshire history.

You can listen to the full interview here, with key excerpts below:

Senator Hassan on Why Bolduc is the Most Extreme Senate Candidate in NH’s Modern History

“Don Bolduc is an election denier, as I laid out in the debate last night. But that’s not the only thing that he is extreme about and he is working to conceal from Granite Staters. He also would eliminate Social Security and would vote to enact a nationwide abortion ban. But he keeps trying – backed up by over $60 million now in national Republican dark money super PACs – to conceal this. Because at the end of the day, if you think you don’t have to accept the results of an election, it means you think you don’t have to listen to constituents because you can just reject their votes. This is somebody with an extreme agenda who would jack people’s costs up, eliminating Social Security. He also wants to impose a 23% sales tax on everything from rent to housing and eviscerate your individual rights. But he doesn’t want you to know about it. And because he’s an election denier, he thinks he’ll never have to be accountable to you about it.”

Senator Hassan on Her Record of Delivering for NH & What’s at Stake in 2022

“I’ve been rated the most bipartisan senator in the country by the Lugar Center. I have a record of delivering results, reaching across the aisle to do things like ban surprise medical bills, which lowers people’s health care costs. And I’m leading the bipartisan effort right now to get more heating assistance to people to get through this very cold winter in New Hampshire and in New England. And I have this track record of getting things done and also standing up to big corporate special interests like Big Pharma and Big Oil and helping lower people’s costs as a result. So I’m going to keep fighting to do those things. I’m going to keep making the choice between me and my opponent as clear as I can over the next five days. This is a close race. I hope everybody watching will follow your advice, get involved in these close races. Find out how you can help. You know, democracy is on the ballot. Think about this. The Republicans, the national Republicans have spent over $60 million to try to buy an election denier a United States Senate seat in New Hampshire.”

Senator Hassan on Lowering Costs for Granite Staters

“This is something obviously top of mind for people. It is really straining families and small businesses. I talk about the work we can do in the short term, everything from pushing the administration to release more home heating fuel from the reserve. We have just gotten more heating assistance, so New Hampshire will see a 30 percent increase this winter for heating assistance that will help a lot of families in our state. The work we’ve done to lower the cost of prescription drugs, which people will begin to see and feel in January.

“We talk about short term things, and then we talk about the long term causes of inflation and what the bipartisan infrastructure bill that I helped negotiate will do to lower costs. And what the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act that I was an author of will do to help us lower costs and bring supply chains and manufacturing back to the United States, and how much we still need to do to address our affordable housing issues and affordable child care issues. These are things we can tackle if we continue to focus on what we have in common and on our capacity to come together as Americans to lower costs and grow our economy and continue to lead in the world.”


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