ICYMI: REMARKS: Senator Hassan Touts Inflation Reduction Act in Portsmouth

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Portsmouth, N.H. — In case you missed it, at the New Hampshire Young Democrats annual BBQ yesterday, Senator Maggie Hassan delivered remarks highlighting the important measures that she worked to secure in the Inflation Reduction Act, which passed the Senate over the weekend. The legislation will bring down prescription drug prices and energy costs for New Hampshire families, as well as take important steps to reduce the deficit, build a clean energy economy, and address inflation.

Earlier in the day, the Senator was in Manchester at Amoskeag Health where she was joined by AARP leaders to discuss the importance of passing this legislation to lower drug costs.

To read excerpts from Senator Hassan’s remarks as delivered, see below: 

On Standing Up to Corporate Special Interests to Pass the Inflation Reduction Act

I just returned from the Senate, where I spent the weekend passing that Inflation Reduction Act that will lower drug costs and combat climate change. […]

For years, we have fought for the priorities included in this bill. Big Pharma and Big Oil fought this legislation every step of the way. But we stood up to them — and we won.

On Lowering Energy Costs and Tackling Climate Change

This bill not only makes health care more affordable; it represents the largest action ever taken by Congress to address climate change.

With this legislation, we’re now on track to reduce carbon emissions by forty percent by 2030.

The Inflation Reduction Act will strengthen clean energy production and create more clean energy jobs. It will deliver a tax cut to help Granite Staters make their homes more energy efficient. This legislation will help save families money, it will strengthen our economy, and it will build a clean energy future.

Now make no mistake about it; there is more work to do. But the Inflation Reduction Act is a historic step forward in ending our dependence on Big Oil and tackling the climate crisis.

This was a victory for American families and for a clean energy future. Today the future looks brighter for the next generation of Americans. We can finally tell America’s children that we have taken a step to preserve the planet that will soon be theirs to care for and protect. […]

On Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

For too long, families have had to make gut wrenching decisions between making ends meet or paying for life saving medications. With this landmark legislation, we are finally allowing Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices.

This will not only reduce drug prices for Medicare recipients, it’s going to drive down prices for every American. It will also cap Medicare out of pocket costs at $2,000 a year  – saving money for seniors all across the country.

Just as we were about to start the bill process this weekend, Big Pharma came out and said –  here’s what they said – they would go after anyone who voted for this bill. But I work for the people of New Hampshire — not corporate special interests.


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