ICYMI: Conway Daily Sun: Hassan Touts Record, Warns of Bolduc War Chest

Thursday, October 20, 2022

By Daymond Steer

U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H) met with the Sun editorial board on Monday afternoon and spoke about the “unaccountable money” from Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund Super PAC that is fueling the campaign of her Republican challenger, Don Bolduc.

Although many think Hassan is outraising Bolduc by a wide margin, Hassan said that’s not the case.

“Bolduc’s got $60 million of Mitch McConnell’s money coming into this state against me,” said Hassan, quoting numbers from an organization called Ad Impact. “$60 million is the total spent between when they started spending against me at some point last year, and Mitch McConnell Super PACs, dark money groups, no accountability, is spending $23 million against me in the last eight weeks of this campaign. So the total spent by Republicans, against me and for Bolduc that has $60 million in unaccountable money.”

[…] She said she would like to see the Disclose Act to pass so that the public could know who Super PAC donors are but said McConnell blocked it.

Among her accomplishments, she listed a bill to stop surprise medical bills; the infrastructure bill, which has money for broadband and roads; and the Chips and Science act, which will boost domestic manufacturing of electronic components found in everything form microwaves to cars.

She also led on a bill to provide medical care to veterans who were exposed to toxic substances during their service.

“I have a record of delivering results and reaching across the aisle to do it,” said Hassan, wearing her trademark purple.

“I’m proud of the fact that I was named the most bipartisan senator in the country. There’s more work to do. And I’m running for re-election because I want to continue the work of helping people lower energy costs, housing costs, childcare costs, among other things, and continue to strengthen our economy and our way of life.”

Lately, she’s been hearing a lot about inflation from constituents. She said one measure she supports, and Bolduc doesn’t, is suspending the gas tax while prices are high. Last year, she called for releasing strategic petroleum reserves (something President Joe Biden announced Wednesday he was ready to do). She also secured more funding for home heating assistance. Hassan also said she supports lowering prescription drugs but Bolduc doesn’t.

“So I will acknowledge and continue to push the administration on doing more on inflation,” said Hassan. “But Don Bolduc doesn’t have any solution for it. It’s just a criticism, without any ideas of his own about how to move forward.”

[…] Bolduc has been attacking Democrats like Hassan for allowing an open border with Mexico.

To that, Hassan responded that she’s visited the border and supports adding technology and more border personnel. She says it would be premature to reverse Title 42, which allows immigrants to be expelled if they come to the U.S. from a country with a communicable disease was present. She said a wall makes sense in some areas.

[…] Speaking of democracy, she faulted Bolduc for full-throatedly denying the 2020 election results.

[…] “When you refuse to accept election results, it means you think you don’t have to listen to people because you can just reject their votes,” said Hassan.


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