Fox News: Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan touts effort to push Biden administration to do more to lower energy prices

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

By Paul Steinhauser

As she runs for re-election this year in the crucial general election battleground state of New Hampshire, former governor and first-term Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan has made a point to highlight her policy differences with President Biden.

And with just two weeks to go until the midterm elections, Hassan says she thinks the Biden administration can do more to lower energy costs amid the highest inflation in four decades.

With the latest public opinion polls indicating Hassan holding onto a fragile mid-to-lower-single digit advantage over former Army Gen. Don Bolduc, the Republican Senate nominee, Hassan is touting “the work we’re doing to lower costs, particularly energy costs, prescription drug costs.”

Hassan told Fox News Digital after a campaign stop in Derry, New Hampshire, on Monday that “I’m going to continue to push to suspend the gas tax, continue to push the administration to do more to lower the cost of home heating fuel this winter.”

During a brief question and answer session with reporters, Hassan pointed to the home heating fuel reserve and noted that “just as they [the administration] are able to release more petroleum from the strategic petroleum reserve, they have the option of releasing more home heating fuel from that reserve, increasing the supply, help to lower prices.”

And she said she’s “led a bipartisan effort to do that along with a bipartisan effort that just got another billion dollars in home heating assistance in the latest appropriations bill because we know it’s tough winter and we’ve got to help people.”

[…] But Hassan has regularly highlighted her bipartisan chops, and on Monday she received an assist from fellow Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, who joined her on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

“If there’s one senator in all of America who’s proven that she can bring both sides together to get things done, objectively, measurably, the most uniting force in the United States Senate is Maggie Hassan,” Booker told reporters. “I’m not just here because I’m a Democrat. I’m here really because I think our county needs healing and she’s proven she’s the best person to do that.”

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