Ahead of Re-Election Filing, Senator Hassan Joins NH Today to Discuss Her Fight Taking On Big Oil, Big Pharma to Lower Prices

Friday, June 10, 2022

Ahead of her re-election filing in Concord, Senator Maggie Hassan joined NH Today’s Chris Ryan, where she highlighted the contrast between her record of fighting to lower costs and those of her Republican opponents. During the interview, Senator Hassan laid out the stakes of the race, saying there is a “clear contrast between those of us willing to stand up to Big Oil and to Big Pharma” and the Republican Senate candidates. This comes shortly after Maggie for NH launched a new ad highlighting her work taking on Big Pharma — while National Republicans were forced to take down their attacks ads against Senator Hassan for “false advertising.”

Listen Here, and See Below for Highlights from Senator Hassan’s interview:

On Working to Bring Down Prices at the Pump:
“So in the short term, there are things we can do, for instance, to get people relief at the pump. That’s why I support suspending the gas tax through the rest of the year, and that’s a sharp contrast with my opponents.”

On Taking on Big Pharma to Lower Prescription Drug Prices:
“One of the most straightforward things we could do is allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices that would lower overall prices for consumers, as well as save the federal government some money – that keeps getting blocked by Republicans in Washington.”

On the GOP Senate Candidates’ Anti-Choice Records:
“My constituents are also very worried about the GOP’s attack on fundamental freedoms. That’s obviously been a huge issue here in New Hampshire. One of my opponents, Chuck Morse, was the architect of the abortion ban. That really goes counter to the way Granite Staters think about a woman’s right to make her own decisions and to keep the government out of her private business.”

On Republican Candidates Being a Yes Vote for McConnell’s Anti-Choice, Corporate Special Interest Agenda:
[There’s] a clear contrast between those of us willing to stand up to Big Oil and to Big Pharma – and the Republicans and Mitch McConnell in Washington, who do the bidding of corporate special interests and will block progress on any number of issues and block a women’s fundamental freedom…all of my opponents, regardless of who is the Republican nominee will just be working with Mitch McConnell and follow his lead.”


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