FACT CHECK: Senator Hassan is Fighting to Cut Taxes for Families and Small Businesses

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Meanwhile, Don Bolduc Supports the 2017 Tax Cuts for the Ultra Wealthy and Corporate Special Interests 

Mitch McConnell, Don Bolduc, and their corporate special interest backers released another false attack ad, this time trying to mislead voters about Senator Hassan’s record of cutting taxes for Granite State families and small businesses. The ad also praises Bolduc, which is no surprise given that he supports massive tax giveaways to the very same corporate special interests that funded this ad – including Big Oil and Big Pharma.

“This ad is a desperate attempt to discredit Senator Hassan’s strong record of cutting taxes for Granite Staters,” said Maggie for NH Spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “McConnell’s corporate special interest backers will say and do anything to get Bolduc in the Senate so he can help line their pockets.”

See below for the facts:

The Inflation Reduction Act Will Not Raise Taxes on Middle Class Families

  • The Inflation Reduction Act does not increase taxes for those making under $400,000. Instead, the law will go after the largest corporations and wealthiest individuals who are evading taxes.

Senator Hassan is Cutting Taxes for Families and Small Businesses
  • Senator Hassan worked across the aisle to double the R&D tax credit for small businesses and startups, which is now law.

  • Senator Hassan passed bipartisan legislation to cut taxes for small businesses and for new businesses that opened during the pandemic.

  • Senator Hassan successfully worked to repeal taxes on the spouses of fallen service members, including the “Widow’s Tax” and the “Kiddie Tax,” saving those military families tens of thousands of dollars per year.

  • Senator Hassan supported a new law that lowers energy costs for Granite Staters, and she helped write the law’s bipartisan tax credit to help make homes more energy efficient, which in turn helps lower their energy bills.

Don Bolduc Supported Slashing Taxes for Corporate Special Interests Instead of New Hampshire Families

  • Bolduc supported the Republican tax law in 2017 that slashed taxes on huge corporations, lining their pockets with billions while little of the money trickled down to workers and households.


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