FACT CHECK: Senator Hassan Has a Long Record of Keeping New Hampshire Communities Safe and Standing with Law Enforcement

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC is out with a new ad attempting to smear Senator Maggie Hassan’s long record of protecting New Hampshire communities, increasing resources for law enforcement, fighting sexual violence, and holding sex offenders accountable.

Here are the key things you need to know about McConnell’s latest desperate and deeply misleading ad:

  • The law referenced in the ad had the support of Republicans, law enforcement, and received unanimous support in the State Senate.

  • Senator Hassan has a long record of fighting against sexual violence and holding sex offenders accountable. As Governor she signed a law increasing penalties for human trafficking. And in the U.S. Senate, she has worked across the aisle to pass into law legislation to improve professional training to prevent child sexual assaultempower victims of revenge porn, and continue grants to reduce rape kit backlogs.

  • Senator Hassan doesn’t just oppose defunding the police — she increased funding for police budgets every year as governor and voted to increase federal funding for police by nearly $300 million. In the Senate, she voted with Republicans to hire 100,000 more police officers. She also secured funding for New Hampshire law enforcement to help tackle the opioid crisis, delivered funding for mental health care for police officers, passed legislation to help officers injured in the line of duty and the families of fallen officers receive the benefits they deserve, and worked with Republicans to designate a National Police Week.

  • The ad claims that Senator Hassan has the backing of groups that support defunding the police — but is in fact referencing Planned Parenthood Action Fund and NARAL, the leading defenders of a woman’s fundamental freedom.

  • While Senator Hassan stands with law enforcement, Don Bolduc supports defunding the Department of Homeland Security and has even said he is open to abolishing the FBI.

“This ad is a desperate smear that completely misleads about Senator Hassan’s long record of standing with law enforcement, supporting public safety, fighting for the victims of sexual violence, and holding sex offenders accountable,” said Maggie for NH spokesperson Sydney Petersen. “While Senator Hassan will always fight to keep New Hampshire communities safe, Don Bolduc wants to defund the Department of Homeland Security and has even said he would be open to abolishing the FBI.” 


The law mentioned in the ad was supported by a majority of State House Republicans and passed unanimously by voice vote in the State Senate. The law was supported by law enforcement groups. 

  • Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board: SB 500 Had “Broad Bipartisan Support,” Including From The AG’s Office, NH Supreme Court Chief Justice John Broderick, Law Enforcement Groups. “Bipartisan support: Unlike what’s taking place in Washington today, this bill had broad bipartisan support. The House of Representatives approved the final version of the bill by a lopsided vote of 256-57, while the Senate adopted it a month later on a voice vote. The bill also had the support of the attorney general’s office, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Broderick, law enforcement groups and victims’ rights advocates.” [Editorial, Nashua Telegraph, 10/7/10]

  • GOP Former House Speaker Donna Sytek: SB 500 Had Support Of Both Parties, The New Hampshire Association Of Chiefs of Police “That’s why the bill passed on an overwhelming bipartisan majority vote in the House (256-57) with the support of the House and Senate leadership of both parties, victim advocates, the commissioner of corrections, the attorney general and the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police.” [Sytek, Union Leader, 9/29/10]

Senator Hassan has a long record of fighting sexual violence and holding sexual offenders accountable. As Governor she signed a law increasing penalties for human trafficking. And in the Senate, she has worked across the aisle to pass into law legislation to improve professional training to prevent child sexual assault, empower victims of revenge porn, and stop grants to reduce rape kit backlogs from expiring. 

  • 2014: Hassan Signed A Law Increasing Penalties For Human Traffickers. [Union Leader, 8/10/14]
  • March 2020: Senator Hassan And Senator Cornyn Introduced The Jenna Quinn Law, To Improve Professional Training To Prevent Child Sexual Assault. The Legislation Passed the US Senate. [Nashua Telegraph, 3/12/20]

  • December 2020: Hassan And Senator Josh Hawley Introduced A Bill To Empower Victims Of “Revenge Porn” to Sue And Seek Compensation From Those Who Shared Non-Consensual Images. Just Days After Introduction Of Hassan And Hawley’s Anti-Trafficking And Revenge Porn Bills, Visa And Mastercard Announced Their Suspension Of Support For Purchases On Pornhub. Hassan Ultimately Passed Legislation To Allow Victims Of Revenge Porn To Sue.  [New York Times, 12/10/20; CNN Business, 12/15/20; American Bar Association, 6/29/22]

  • Hassan Co-Sponsored S. 1766, The SAFER Act, Which Prevented The DOJ’s Authority To Award Grants To Address Rape Kit Backlogs From Expiring. President Trump Signed The SAFER Act, Reauthorizing Efforts To Address The Rape Kit Backlog.  [S. 1766, Co-Sponsored 10/2/17, Introduced 9/6/17; Congressional Research Service, 9/6/17]

  • June 2014: As Governor, Senator Hassan Signed Law Creating A Domestic Violence Statute In New Hampshire. Prior To Hassan Signing Joshua’s Law, New Hampshire Was One Of Only 15 States In The Country Without A Domestic Violence Law. [Associated Press, 6/19/14; Editorial, Nashua Telegraph, 5/5/14]

As Governor, Senator Hassan increased funding for law enforcement in each of her budgets. In the Senate, she voted for a Republican measure supporting hiring 100,000 more police officers, and worked with Republicans to secure $8 billion in additional border security funding. 

Hassan Voted To Increase Federal Police Funding By Nearly $300 Million:

Hassan Increased Police Funding In Each Of Her Budgets As Governor:

[Governor’s Operating Budget, 2014-2015; Governor’s Operating Budget 2016-2017; Governor’s Operating Budget, 2017-2018]

Hassan Voted For An Amendment To Create A Fund To Support Hiring 100,000 New Police Officers Nationwide. [S.Amdt. 2734 to S.Con.Res. 14, Vote #345, 8/11/21; CQ, 8/11/21]

Hassan Secured A Nine-Fold Increase In New Hampshire’s Funding To Address The Opioid Crisis:
[SAMHSA, FY 2020,TI-20-012 Individual Grant Awards; SAMHSA, FY 2020, TI-20-012 Annual Formula Allocation; National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Director, September 2019; [SAMHSA, FY 2018, TI-18-015 Individual Grant Awards; SAMHSA, FY 2017 Opioid STR Grants; SAMHSA, FY 2021 NH Discretionary Funding, Grant Award Number 5 H79 TI083326-02]

  • Hassan Voted To Deny Federal Funds To Local Governments That Defund Their Police Forces. Hassan voted for the “Tuberville, R-Ala., amendment no. 3113 that would create a deficit-neutral reserve fund to allow for legislation related to adjusting federal funds for local governments, including to limit or eliminate payments, except grants for law enforcement support, to local governments that defund their police forces.” The amendment was adopted by a vote of 99 – 0: Republicans 49-0, Democrats 48-0, Independents 2-0. [S..Amdt. 3113 to S.Con.Res. 14, Vote #328, 8/10/21; CQ, 8/10/21]


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