U.S. Senator for New Hampshire

Maggie’s Work

What Maggie Hassan is delivering for New Hampshire

Senator Maggie Hassan is solving problems and making a difference for the Granite State. In the Senate, she is an independent leader, working with both Republicans and Democrats to get things done on the priorities that matter to the people of New Hampshire. She will continue working across party lines to strengthen the state’s economy, keep our country safe, and make it easier for New Hampshire families to make ends meet.

Strengthening New Hampshire’s Economy

Maggie Hassan pushed for relief funding to help New Hampshire’s small businesses stay open amid the pandemic, and lowered their taxes so they can grow and hire again. She will keep working with Republicans and Democrats to grow New Hampshire’s economy, help small businesses thrive, and strengthen job-creation.

Helping Families Make Ends Meet

Maggie Hassan is making it easier for New Hampshire’s families to make ends meet by helping end surprise medical billing, lowering prescription drug pricescutting taxes for middle class families, and providing relief for Granite Staters so they can get back to work.

Getting Results For Granite State Veterans

As a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Maggie Hassan has worked across the aisle to increase veterans benefits, expand access to care, and lower taxes for Gold Star families. Now, she is working with Republicans to support rapid search-and-rescue efforts to help locate at-risk veterans when they go missing, and to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce.

Strengthening American Security

Maggie Hassan chairs the Homeland Security Emerging Threats Subcommittee, where she is working with Republicans and Democrats to protect America from terrorism and strengthen our country’s cyber defenses.

Working For New Hampshire

Maggie Hassan is working for New Hampshire by securing funding for the state to combat the opioid crisis, holding Big Pharma accountable for the opioid crisis, protecting thousands of jobs at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and leading the push to preserve the historic 603 area code.

Chip In

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